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Our service providing customers with the highest-quality domestic scaffolding for the best price is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our friendly and helpful scaffolding for home experts will erect the scaffolding in a flash while answering any questions you may have. 


We are the Best company for domestic scaffolding

Direct Scaffolding offer professional domestic scaffolding services to suit any requirements you may have. We serve areas across the UK and take pride in providing a protective and professional access solution for your domestic developments.

Whether you’re investing in a loft extension or simply want to improve your home garage, our domestic scaffolding services will provide you with the ease and safety needed to make these modifications. We have worked with thousands of households, providing them with scaffolding equipment that adheres to health and safety regulations.

Why Go Direct?

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Verified Professionals

All our professionals are fully background checked and verified to ensure they are qualified to work with, erect and dismantle scaffolding of all sizes.

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Insured Work

To make sure your trust in us is 100%, we provide insurance cover. The insurance period & amount varies between services.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether it is domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding our knowledge and application means that our clients are always left impressed.


Free Quote

We don’t charge for our quotes so there’s no reason to delay finding out what Direct Scaffolding can do for you.
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Attention To Detail

By sticking to the scaffolding services we know well, it guarantees that you always get the best results from us.

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One Stop Shop

Need another one of our services? We can provide solar panels, air conditioning units, and so much more!


Easy Payment

We have you covered with payment options to suit everyone’s preferences. Plus, there are no hidden fees, ever.


Midlands Based

We are based in the heart of the Midlands and operate all throughout these counties to help you and many others.


FM Solutions

As part of one of the UK’s most trusted facilities management groups, you can rely on us to get all work done to the highest standard.

Our scaffolding for homes services are conducted as meticulously as possible. Our scaffolding specialists never miss a trick.

Our Domestic Scaffolding Service


1.Contact Us

When you know you want domestic scaffolding, it is as easy as giving us a call or an email.

2. Assessment

We will advise you what the best scaffolding solution is for your needs and how it will be achieved. 

3. Erection

Upon arrival, our scaffolding for home specialists will get the scaffold built in the blink of an eye.

4. Deconstruction

After the work you require is complete, we will get everything packed up and out of your hair.

Our Featured Scaffolding Services

solar panel scaffolding

Solar Scaffolding

Currently, we provide a lot of our scaffolding to one of our other companies, Direct Solar Care, in order to fulfill a range of different services for solar panel installation, solar panel repair, and more! 

By taking away the added hassle of having to arrange scaffolding, as well as solar panel services, this really takes the strain out of the whole process. We adhere to all HSE  regulations so that yours, and our safety, is always maintained.

When you need assistance with solar panels at any stage of your purchase or ownership, we can help you to keep everything running smoothly.

conservatory scaffolding

AirCon Scaffolding

AC scaffolding is not something that is always realised when considering having an air conditioning system installed, the need for safe and secure scaffolding to ensure there is no damage to the air conditioning units, the property, and the people deftly installing them for you. 

Our AC scaffolding services makes sure that your new air conditioning is either installed or repaired without a hitch and before you know it, it’s time to start taking the scaffolding back down again! 

Of course, with us being the powerhouse of useful services that we are, you can also access all of these air conditioning specific services through our other company, Direct Air Conditioning! 

conservatory scaffolding

Conservatory Scaffolding

At Direct Scaffolding, we understand that the shape and size of your conservatory, as well as the rest of the property, can dictate the need for different scaffolding requirements. Of course, with our scaffolding erection specialists, we can get you to where you need to be, whatever the requirements may be.  

View our dedicated conservatory scaffolding page to learn how we can help you achieve your goals for your own personal home project. 

Of course, if necessary this service can be combined with the services we offer through Direct Conservatory Air Conditioning also, so why wait to find out?

Scaffolding for domestic use

Scaffolding for domestic use is an integral part of ensuring that the improvements or repairs that are being made to your property can be done safely and without fear of injury or damage to yourself, workers, or the property itself either. Due to many services needing to be conducted at height because of the nature of the service and the property itself, the only way that the sections of the property can be accessed is with domestic scaffolding. Find out below the various popular services that we provide our domestic scaffolding to assist with. 

Contact Us for Domestic Scaffolding to assist with the following projects


Most frequent domestic scaffolding questions & answers

A: This completely depends upon your individual requirements. Certain factors vary from domestic job to job, for example the amount of scaffolding you need, the length of the project and how difficult it is to erect. Please call us at your earliest convenience for a competitive quote from our friendly team.

A: A quote for domestic scaffolding is completely free and no obligation from our friendly team of experts! Simply call us on 0800 088 6392. We are very sure you will be impressed.

A: We cover the entirety of England, Scotland & Wales. Nowhere is too far afield for our scaffold specialists.

A: On the day that the scaffold is erected, it is then required to be checked comprehensively for safety every 7 days. We always prioritise the safety of our customers and staff so there is nothing to worry about.

A: Definitely. At Direct Scaffolding we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work and so we tailor our services to your individual needs. One of our experts will talk through your project with you and visit your site in order to assess exactly what scaffolding structure it is you need. We understand you may be a scaffolding novice so no question is too silly!

A: Customer service is at the centre of everything we do here at Direct Scaffolding. To that effect, we will never intentionally destroy or ruin any of your property, including gardens, boarders or grass. If we do notice there might be some issues before we put up the scaffolding, we will let you know.

A: The simple answer is yes. We have public liability insurance of up to £5 million so if the worst was to happen, you would be covered.

Primarily, we provide scaffolding for a lot of the projects we complete through our other companies, Direct Solar Care & Direct Air Conditioning. Both of these businesses are especially popular, and both of these industries can also have a need for scaffold. Therefore, a lot of our equipment is used to ensure that customers across all of our businesses are able to get comprehensive services that is able to fulfill all of their requests and needs.

We do also provide scaffolding for all homes and can ensure that the project you have started on your home can be seen all the way through to the end. As well as this we will also consider smaller commercial scaffolding jobs and are currently working towards being able to offer solutions for large-scale projects.

The short answer to how to set up scaffolding on uneven ground is a quick and simple one, don’t! We don’t set up scaffolding on uneven ground as this would go against HSE regulations regarding the safety of scaffolding structures and removing any unnecessary risk of damage or danger.

However, we do feel it is important to clarify that we do indeed construct all manners of scaffolding structures on solid and firm ground that allows for us to be able to build scaffolding that adheres to all safety regulations, while also getting people to where they need to go.

Scaffolding can even be installed on sloping ground provided that, it too, is solid ground.

In the case of obstructions, although it may prevent us from erecting a straightforward scaffold tower to reach the destination, typically there will be a way for us to work around this this and still provide you with the scaffolding service you so desperately need.

Other Direct Companies for Home Improvements

Alongside our superb scaffolding services, we also offer the services of our other companies. Having access to these fantastic services is like having the cheat codes to making your home better in a flash, and even possibly raise its value at the same time! 

Our Scaffolding Certifications

At Direct Scaffolding, we are highly qualified and accredited. Our focus toward an unparalleled scaffolding service as well as health and safety is why we are so widely revered as providers of top-notch scaffolding solutions. If you would like to learn more and discover how we can dazzle you too, simply click any of the logos to be able to find out why we are the best.

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